We love dolls, and we love talking… Meet the hosts of Talking Dolls!

We’d have these long, fabulous conversations about dolls and then at the end sit there and say…

“I wish we could share that”

So, we made a podcast to share them with you!

Hi! It's me, EK! 

I’m a freelance artist who’s love of fashion dolls spawned a love of fashion illustration. I adore old Hollywood, especially anything scary! My love of vintage applies to the dolls I collect too… I’ve been a lifelong fan of anything retro or vintage, in fact the older the better I say! I’m also big into vintage fashion.

I want this podcast to help spread info about older dolls that are being forgotten.

Hey there, I’m Joe!

I’m a freelance graphic and toy designer from England who has a soft spot for retro boxes (as if this site wasn’t a dead giveaway) and a passion for great toys.

I’m very interested in history and culture in general, but toys especially hold a special mystique to me. They’re a window into the past and a snapshot of the culture we gave our kids and a time capsule of the fashions and trends that made them, and I wanna talk about that!

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